Chanel Price Increases Push the Birkin Premium Down

Now that we have experienced a handful of days to digest the the latest European Chanel price boosts, some genuinely startling info start to emerge. In comparing the value of an Hermes Birkin 30 and Chanel Maxi it appears they’re going closer to parity than anyone predicted.

Ready for the bombshell…

The top quality on the Birkin 30 is now only 9.2% above the Chanel Maxi! As of January 2020 the cost of a Togo Hermes Birkin 30 was €7750 (*assuming no more maximize due to the fact*) though the Chanel Maxi, getting into account previous week’s (*Might 11th, 2020*) selling price increase is €7100. 

For most of the past decade these two bags and brand names had been vastly divergent in selling price. But about this period of time, Hermes consistently improved its charges by only a modest proportion each yr. Chanel, on the other hand, occasionally hiked prices up to twice for each yr at a much increased amount. Incorporate to that the the latest significant selling price spike for Chanel, and the Birkin High quality seems to be swiftly declining.

All those acquainted with economical analysis will know that a premium or discount is the proportion difference amongst 1 products value and yet another. So in simplest terms, the Birkin Quality refers to how a lot extra high priced the Birkin is in contrast to other luggage. The High quality does not just take into account the brand name exclusivity or problem in getting a Birkin in excess of one more bag.

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