California Bans Exotics – What Does This Mean for Luxury Bags?

Implications for the Luxury Handbag Business

All right, what’s the offer when this ban goes into effect in a couple months? Properly, you won’t be discovering any additional exotic Birkins or Kellys at Cali Hermès boutiques. Neither will exotics be out there for resale, both from stores, on the net shops, or auction properties.

That said, it won’t be out of the question to obtain an exotic bag in another condition/country and take it back to California, with the correct certificates, because sporting or owning an exotic doesn’t fall below the regulation. But it will be considerably less effortless, and of course affect all those who have a romantic relationship with unique Hermès boutiques and SAs in the condition (and all those who have an unique pending at Hermès!).

Additional than that, the simple fact that the law will be likely into influence is a huge assertion. Californians make up a significant quantity of American consumers who obtain exotics products. Hermès, for occasion, does a good deal of company in SF and LA, and the incapacity to market exotics in the course of the condition will have an effect on the model economically—though it is tricky to inform how sizeable issues will be—as very well as other makes such as Prada that use exotics.

On top of that, California is a progressive chief in the U.S., and its procedures generally sign a cultural change for the overall state. It is not improbable that other states will stick to fit in the upcoming decade, primarily as discussions all over animal welfare continue on to engage the public.

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